The workshop

Some of the most used equipment in the workshop

 Schaublin 65

Schaublin 102

Hauser M1

8mm lathe

Safag 118 2A wheel and pinion cutter

Messy table


  1. Hi there, I have a Schaublin 65 with a Tripan 11 toolpost. This toolpost is designed for the Schaublin 70 and can hold a 10mm square cutter, which comes flush with the center of the lathe when the tool holder rests on the cross slide. Since the center of a Schaublin 65 is 5mm lower, it is only possible to use smaller cutters or to keep the tool holder outside the cross slide so that it can be lowered below the cross slide level. Any help or idea to solve this problem. Many thanks.

    1. HI there.

      If your lathe is completely original the Tripan 11 should work fine with a 10mm high cutter. Is your cross slide from a schaublin 70 perhaps? Or was the lathe revised and the bottom part of the cross slide was exchanged with a part from a 70?

  2. Hi Kaj,

    Thank you for your swift reply. The lathe is this one:
    How can I tell if the cross slide is an original or one coming from a Schaublin 70? If you look to the pictures the cross slide is also used on older Schaublin 70 models. When the tool holder sits on the cross slide, a dead center collet arrives exactly at the center in between the jaws of the tool holder. So it is not possible to center a cutter bigger than the half-size of the tool holder opening.

    Many thanks for your help,

  3. Hi again,

    I looked carefully to your first picture of the Schaublin 65. The headstock is lift with an insert between it and the bed. Is it to adapt it to the correct the height for the cross slide?


    1. You can contact me directly on my email also:
      Yes there is an insert under my headstock as the company that restored it changed the lowr plate on the cross-slide to the thicker one from schaublin 70 so I had the same problem as you first. So I asked them to higher the headstock with the plate so that I could use the tripan 11. I will measure the height of my cross slide and how much they added on under the headstock and let u know so u have something to compare with.